Sound Thinking

We think of each project through our own Sound Thinking approach, adding multidisciplinary visions and expertise.


Our first cycle within the Sound Thinking approach is about expanding the listening capacity of everyone involved, including our customers. The search for the right questions and finding the real challenges ahead will become essential.


After we understand the context more clearly, it's time we put all the experts involved to think about solutions. In this new cycle, our goal is to facilitate a process of co-creation where everyone can add their experiences and perspectives about the project.


The last cycle is for selecting the outputs that will actually be relevant and putting them into practice. At the same time that they can understand how we have arrived at a certain result, our clients realize that they have absorbed a new technical repertoire on the subject and a sense of awareness of the real impact caused by sound.


We are a team that combines specialists in strategy, human behavior, experience, sound production, programming, among others to positively impact brands, businesses, and people through sound.

About us

At a time when we are over-informed, and this includes sound, many private and governmental organizations become dissonant between speech and attitude. But, at the same time, they seek to be even more connected with their different audiences.

We started in 2003 as sound producers for the advertising market and over time we have become a team of experts in understanding the role of music, voice, noise and silence to create positive impact for brands, businesses and people.

Our DNA is a mix of strategy, sound production, technology and human behavior. Coupled with our unique Sound Thinking approach and our Tailor Made format, we have in our essence a multidisciplinary way of thinking that amplifies our listening and enhances our idea field, regardless of the segment or locality in which we are performing.

Whether it's producing music with a more strategic thinking or leveraging branded ideas and experience, our purpose is to connect people who can design intelligent, relevant and unique sound solutions.

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