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Is your Brand prepared for the era of sound?

We are in the midst of one of the most emblematic events in the contemporary world that challenges us as human beings and provokes deep reflections. In the business field, this change is also sensitive, as it requires a more attentive listening to emerging behaviors to design relevant products and services, as well as to create true emotional connections. We live in an age where we are triggered by stimuli all the time. At a time when people’s attention is so scarce, with a stir of messages that arrive at all times, the challenges are even greater. And with the supersaturation of the images, the sound will be a new ally. Imagine how many sounds are present in our day to day and impact us. This multiplies exponentially when we think about the Brand universe. From products and applications that emit sound, music streaming platforms to voices connected to Artificial Intelligence, we spend the day listening to something. Even when we don’t want to, we are being impacted by the sound. And most brands have barely started using this feature. If in the past, strategically designing the brand’s VISUAL AND VERBAL UNIVERSE was fundamental, today this is definitely not enough anymore.

We started in 2003 to develop sound projects for Local and Global Companies. In addition to gaining extensive experience, we experience the challenges of managers of different nationalities and cultural codes. At the end of each project, we realized our real role in generating a process of transformation and innovation through our Sound Thinking approach. In addition to the results generated for the Brand, we helped its different leaders and influencers to reflect on the use of sound in their strategies or even in dealing with this powerful tool in a clearer and more cohesive way in everyday life. For each project, someone said something like: “after we apply your methodology, we understand how much we can impact through sound”. It was then that we realized the great power of the “Sound Literacy” process that we were promoting, generating results that went beyond sound.

Brand professionals need to expand their Mindset beyond the Visual. This change in thinking, for sure, will generate incredible results if aligned with other factors of your Brand strategy. Have you ever stopped to think why sound is not treated in a less subjective and more strategic way? How can it assist in the dissemination of a more consistent Brand Message, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from an attitude perspective? The fact is that the sound is present in many manifestations of the Brand. Now that many other points of contact are available, it is essential that each brand develop its own sound universe. These sound codes need to be rooted in the brand identity, paying attention to everything from casual or formal to its tone, gender, personality and more. Smart brands pay close attention to every sound they make. From product design, applications, retail, marketing and beyond. Exploring one of the five senses little used or dimensioned by the market in a consistent way has, more than ever, an enormous power of transformation that will put each and every Brand ahead of its time.