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Latam Airlines


A new brand, coming from the association of the two largest air carriers in Latin America: the Chilean LAN Airlines and the Brazilian TAM Linhas Aéreas. Due to the size of its fleet and passenger volume, the Company has become the largest airline in the continent.


How could sound generate a unique and at the same time plural identity for a genuinely Latin American brand?


With our Sound Thinking approach, we immerse ourselves in the aviation theme. We researched technical materials, interviewed influencers, and studied cases within this subject. Then, we set up a multidisciplinary team specially for this project, travelling to 6 mainland cities in LATAM aircrafts. There were more than 62 hours between airports and flights. A deep cultural immersion in the Latin DNA, where we lived the essence of the LAN and TAM companies, listening to collaborators, clients, competitors and the entire sound universe of LATAM. Using our Sound Perception Matrix, we mapped the full impact of sound throughout the day. After all this, we set up discussion groups and co-creation workshops with key partners to develop sound DNA prototypes and reveal the role of sound to this new moment of LATAM. We created Meszcla, an experience from LATAM that discovers and mixes new sounds at all times, also fueling the brand’s points of contact with the public. Mezscla means blend, a word very similar between both languages ​​of the continent, but with a different detail. The same as the Latin countries. A blend of cultures that gives LATAM a unique and unexplored sound DNA, transcending the creation of a Sonic Signature and most importantly: helping the brand realize how to use sound to recreate not only their identity, but to re-signify the experience of flying.


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