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Hospital Moinhos de Vento


Inaugurated on October 2, 1927, the Hospital Moinhos de Vento (HMV) is among the five hospitals of excellence in Brazil. A brand that mixes its tradition with innovation.

Hospital Moinhos de Vento - Sound Thinkers 2


Seeking for positive evaluations, certifications and awards is a constant in the scenario of private hospitals. However, one of the criteria most perceived by clients, and which becomes a target for complaints and consequently a fall in ratings, is noise within the hospital.

How to improve the hospital’s perception through sound and encourage changes in a system with many rules of conduct?


After an intense sound mapping, performed in different areas of the hospital at different times and days of the week, we knew where to attack and which rules to create or modify for the formatting of a sound guide for HMV. We divided every sound found into categories with different levels of control, so we could elaborate a plan of action that not only minimizes excessive noise, but also encompasses the whole sound design of the actors’ journey inside the hospital.

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