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The Brazilian stock exchange new sound identity.


All the stock exchanges around the world went through a digitalization process in the past decade. This process not only promoted an evolution in the segment, as well as bridged the gap between certain types of the public that did not have access nor interest around this subject.Consequently, this demands a new and more up to date posture from these players, a posture that engages the universe B2B and B2C, in a contemporary way. With B3, was not different. A brand with major history and that has a new face nowadays, a brand that is always renewing itself to strengthen its message to Brazil and overseas.


We were originally called to develop the B3 Bell-Ring to the opening of IPOs. When talking to the brand managers, we understood that the challenge was even bigger. How to create a unique sound identity to the Brazilian stock exchange, that would set it apart from others around the world, making every brand sound expression memorable and aligned with its new positioning?


The first step was to understand the global context, and the list of all the sound codes existing within the segment. From our Sound Thinking method, we had a major immersion to understand every scenario and rite that takes place in this segment, as well as the relationship between people and this universe. On this journey, we discovered the expression Sound Money and Moeda Sonante, the sound from metals such as gold and silver that would indicate if the currency was real or fake, centuries ago. This sound is unconsciously in our collective memory, and it is not by chance that stock exchanges markets around the world use a bell in IPO ceremonies. But, what would be the Sound Money of the current times, where the digital is more and more present into our lives? And what is the importance of this discovery to build the Brazilian Stock Exchange brand identity?

By the end of our hearing, it was clear which sound territory should be explored by the brand. In the music area, we blended the importance of the metal with the indisputable Brazilian richness: the organicity with textures, connecting with the digital. From this triad emerges the brand musical landscape that fed not only the sound logo creation and the B3 campaign but also all its musical strategy. If all other brands in the world have a Bell-Ring, B3 has e B3ring, a concept that translates the brand representativeness when evoking growth to everyone that connects with it.

For the voice, we brought a concept aligned with the future and with the diversity of a brand looking to engage with different generations of the public but that also respects tradition. Now B3 can express its Brazilianess, technology and value to all areas through a robust identity, that stands out and is apart from all other stock exchanges in the world. Whether it is looked from the inside or from the outside, it is the Brazilian Stock Exchange.

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