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Petrobras is one of the largest publicly traded oil companies in the world. Operates in more than 25 countries in the energy segment, primarily in the areas of exploration, production, refining, marketing and transport of oil, natural gas and its derivatives. And it underwent a complete brand repositioning.


How to build a unique and coherent sound identity for a global brand seen as a national symbol?


We set out to market research, benchmarking and immersing with strategic actors, seeking proprietary sound characteristics to guide the brand identity and open up unique opportunities. A driver capable of expanding the customer’s own sound perception. We find in Brazil itself the way that the brand should be, think and act. Perfect for a coherent sound identity. Also translated into a Sonic Logo that manifests itself in an organic and different way for each situation and or point of contact. We brought behavioral characteristics from Brazil to create a sound manual, with guidelines that reinforce the Brazilian image of the Brand in the right way and placing the brand in a proprietary territory within the energy segment. In and out of the country.

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