imitation rolex



One of the largest telephone companies in Brazil with several products wants to reposition itself in the market and reconnect with its essence, bringing a brand positioning that promotes connection and the opening of a dialogue with its customers.


How to create an evolution of the existing sound signature within a new brand positioning?


We realized that the very logic for opening dialogue was already present not only in the brand name but also in its history of vignettes that closed their commercials, where children pronounced “Oi” (“Hi” in portuguese) at the end of each film. But we needed to improve that idea and bring it into this new context. Instead of an isolated and fun greeting at the end of the brand’s commercials, we now have an evolution towards an exchange of greetings, symbolizing the opening of a dialogue promoted by the brand. From the new, more organic visual language and the plurality of colors and shapes, we maintain the diversity of timbres and accents. In addition, we have been able to create this sound reasoning without occupying a second in the brand’s commercials. This way, we managed to keep the original strength of the commercials and, at the same time, the novelty of repositioning.

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