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Bontempo, renowned for its expertise in the production of bespoke furniture, has dozens of franchises throughout Brazil and begins to expand to other countries. The brand is also betting on sound for repositioning its identity.

Bontempo - Sound Thinkers 2


How does the concept of personalization manifest through sound and connected high-end environments?


Based on a detailed sound analysis of the brand, its audiences and its competitors, inside and outside Brazil, we understood how to translate its differential into a unique and proprietary sound manifestation. We deploy this concept into a SONIC DNA and sound aesthetic outputs for the store experience, investigating on the spot to enhance acoustics and the feeling of being in a premium place. We also create exclusive moods, through a select search with artists around the world. All this reasoning was used to enhance the essence of the brand in different points of contact, such as content for the web and store environment, for example.

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