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About us


We design sound solutions for brands.

We started in 2003 and, over the years, we created the Sound Thinking methodology, which focuses on helping brands to connect with their purpose and their different audiences through sound, regardless of the touchpoint.

We are a multidisciplinary group that brings together brand strategists, sound producers, UX designers, music curators, programmers and professionals related to human behavior and technology. Everyone with the same focus: to enhance the use of sound and generate sound awareness.

From strategic to tactical, we develop every type of project involving sound, people and brands:

Sound DNA - the brand's sound identity, organizing its entire ecosystem through sound;
Sound Logo - brand's sound signature;
Sound Guideline - a manual with sound guidelines;
Sound UX - user's sound experience in apps, products and physical environments;
Sound Production - creation of soundtracks and pieces for campaigns;
Sound Activation - brand activations involving sound and new technologies;
Voice A.I. - creation of the vocal persona for the brand's artificial intelligence;
Voice Synthesis - creation of sentences generated from A.I.;
Stalo - music player and curatorship for the brand's stores.

Own methodology focused on people with a focus on results.

We think about each project in a unique way through our Sound Thinking methodology.


Some partners who have already tried our methodology.